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The Halo-One Story

Halo-One: Advanced Impact-Detection from Pro-tech Armor

The Halo-One is a revolutionary device in the field of impact detection and prevention that will change way parents, coaches and trainers respond to possible concussions and head injuries. In fact, we believe it is the most affordable, accessible and effective impact-detection device of its kind available to the public.

Other impact-detection devices are built into helmets or other protective gear, requiring consumers to invest in new equipment. This limits the availability & benefits of such devices to big-budget, professional sports teams. At Pro-tech Armor, we dream bigger. With the Halo-One, we have designed an impact-detection device with broad benefits that is available & affordable for individual purchase, as well as for teams and groups. We are proud to be the developers of a tool that can benefit absolutely anyone who is concerned about concussions and related injuries caused by head trauma.

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